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Dan DuckhamDan Duckham has been creating his unique interpretation of Organic Architecture since 1959. He lived and worked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the first 42 years of his practice. In 1983 he and his wife Mary purchased 50 acres on Laurel Knob Road, three miles from the Crossroads, and began to clear land and build a house. For 18 years it was a summer house and a continual work in progress, but in 2001 they made Cashiers their home and converted the barn into an office/studio from which Dan conducts his architectural practice.
Two of his local community projects are The Village Green Commons and the new Cashiers-Glenville Recreation Center. During the 1970’s and 1980’s he enjoyed a fine reputation for successful hospitality design and by 1990 had completed over 75 restaurant/bar projects. Houses, however, remain his first love. They are always the most difficult and personal, but extremely fulfilling.
Dan, in order to bring the ultimate aesthetic value to each project, includes landscaping and interiors as integral to their successful completion.
He has completed over 500 projects and has always been reasonable and practical concerning budgets and methods of building to meet those budgets, and has refused jobs that threatened the risk of failure. Consequently seventy percent of those projects have been successfully built.
 "Organic Architecture is the natural result of the orderly growth of an idea from intuition to fulfillment. Ideally, there are no traditional images or preconceived ideas. One whole idea (concept) for any project, whether residential or commercial, evolves from the details of the intended use, the uniqueness of the clients and the opportunities or limitations of the site. I believe my function is to act as an interpreter. I translate from one language to another……the language of organic architecture. If the relationship is successful the result is always refreshingly new and artistic. It is intensely personal with a sense of cohesiveness……a unity of function and beauty”.
 "The real attraction in a work of organic architecture lies in its spirit. I strive for an uplifting environment that not only makes one conscious of its beauty, but unconsciously sensitive to its energy. Such a place, because of its beauty and energy, draws you back with its delightful promise”.

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